On time, on budget, high quality.

These are the commitments we make as an organisation. Premcar is an advanced engineering business, credited with the skills, systems and experience to service any Product Development program.

The core principles are:

  • > Understanding Advanced Technology
  • > High Quality Engineering
  • > Precise Project Management

Precise Program Management

The most underrated tool in the engineers toolbox is the Gantt chart. Premcar engineers employ strict discipline around the creation, maintenance and completion of the project timing plan.


Premcar have been pioneers when it comes to the use of advanced technology.

Premcar was the first to adapt the following technology for a leading vehicle manufacturer

  • > TVS Supercharger technology
  • > Metal Matrix exhaust catalyst
  • > Underbonnet application of Carbon Fibre
  • > Gear Specific Overboost/Underboost
  • > Trailer Tow recognition torque control
  • > Triple pass air charge cooling
  • > Dual redundant engine control strategy

High Quality Engineering

Premcar is the trusted partner of some of the world’s leading OEMs. Premcar has the capabilities of an OEM, with the ability to work independently and with strict confidentiality. Premcar can cover the entire product development program, with expertise across all technical areas. From concept to production.